Recommended Exercises For Hikers

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Often, hiking involves a rough and an unpredictable terrain. It requires that the hiker develops strong muscles in order to overcome challenges on the adventure. Thus, one ought to have fit muscle groups and not just the legs. In addition to that, the hiker should have a strong lung capacity as well as a strong cardiovascular strength. Have a look at recommended exercises for hikers below;

Strength Training

Recommended Exercises For HikersStrength-training promotes functional movement. In fact, exercises such as step-ups and squats are more or less the same as what you experience on a hiking trail. In order to increase your level of resistance in hiking, it is advisable that bodyweight becomes the starting point followed by dumbbells.

Legs Muscles

Recommended Exercises For HikersThe legs muscles as well as their joints ought to be in a perfect condition. Squats and lunges are a simple way of ensuring that you have a strong muscle group. Whatever the desire for intense training, do not overdo the exercise as you might injure yourself and take more time without going for hiking.

Back Muscles

Recommended Exercises For HikersIf you need to have your back in its good shape, you ought to consider moderate weightlifting exercises. A machine which could be of great help is the multi-station machine. Other exercises which could be of help are the rope pulls and seated lips.

It should be noted that back muscles also play a good role in promoting good posture. This also helps in preventing fatigue. Unless you have a good back muscle, you will not be able to carry along a bag pack with all your hiking paraphernalia.


Recommended Exercises For HikersStretching after hiking is a very important component of a hiking exercise. This is because it decreases the probability of having an injury. In addition to that, it plays a critical role in diluting muscle imbalance.


Recommended Exercises For HikersNever ignore the great benefits that come with sufficient rest. In fact, sports professional have found that rest forms an important part of training. If you do training for some weeks, be sure to take a week off in order to rest. Another reason why resting is good is that training leads to the production of some waste products; and resting gives the body time to remove them from the body. In addition to that, restoring gives you a psychological break that emanates from the high intensity of training.

Other points to put in mind in recommended exercises for hiking include the following:

  • Start slow, have an incremental exercise schedule where you increase the intensity of the workout bit by bit.
  • When you are stretching, do not extend your feet too far
  • Like in any exercise, taking a well-balanced diet is important for the effectiveness of hiking exercises.
  • Similarly, taking a lot of fluids, more so water, prevents dehydration and promotes easy digestion


Exercises for hiking will promote endurance, strengthen your body, and help you in the burning of calories. In case you are not able to choose the best hiking exercises, visit the gym and seek the opinion of a fitness instructor.