Top 10 Coldest Countries to Visit During Winter


Traveling during winter requires extra care and special clothing. You also need to understand the temperatures in the country of destination in order to make informed weather decisions.

Coldest Countries to Visit During Winter


Top 10 Coldest Countries to Visit During WinterThe average temperature in Greenland is minus 9 degrees. The entire country is covered by a heavy ice sheet. A British research station which is located in the North Ice experiences extremely low temperatures.


Top 10 Coldest Countries to Visit During WinterIn 1812, Napoleon Bonaparte made a grave mistake of invading the Russian army. His army would not survive the Russian winter and he failed terribly. Russia is known for its strong winter. The coldest village in the world is Oymyakon, Russia. It is ironical that the word Oymyakon means non-freezing water because it has a hot spring nearby.


Top 10 Coldest Countries to Visit During WinterMost of the places in Canada experience extremely cold temperatures, with the exception of a few places such as Vancouver. Despite the harsh winter, Canada is a nice place to sight see, shop, or visit for any other reason. However, you need to do appropriate packing before traveling.

United States of America

Top 10 Coldest Countries to Visit During WinterThere are places in the US which show quite some low temperatures more so during winters. Prospect Creek Camp, Alaska, recorded the lowest temperature experienced in USA in January 1971. Mount Washington, New Hampshire records low temperatures. Similarly, Crested Butte, Colorado, is a recreational area which experiences very low temperatures.


Top 10 Coldest Countries to Visit During WinterJust as its name suggests, Iceland is a cold country. Another characteristic that defines the winter weather in Iceland is that it is unpredictable. Here, it is not uncommon to find someone trapped in a certain place due to harsh winter. Dress warmly and in layers and keep your room always warm. If you are traveling outside the city you are residing in, be sure to carry a hat, woolen socks, and hiking shoes.


Top 10 Coldest Countries to Visit During WinterKazakhstan faces a long winter in the North of the country, and it can last for as long as five months. If you visit the country when it is hot, you would never imagine how biting cold it can be. Sometimes, the snow comes a month earlier than the normal time. January is the country’s coldest month.


Top 10 Coldest Countries to Visit During WinterThe Finnish Meteorological Institute states that the average temperature during winter is below zero degrees. After the beginning of winter, permanent snow covers the ground. Another defining thing during the winter is continuous darkness.


Top 10 Coldest Countries to Visit During WinterEstonia is the coldest country in the Baltics. It has harsh winters which are long and dark. During this time, there is no sun and the days can be really short. There are numerous snowfalls with January and February being the coldest months.


Top 10 Coldest Countries to Visit During WinterWinter in Mongolia is harsh and long, with a temperature of minus 25 degrees to minus 45 degrees. The period of severe winter is known as the Zud. Despite that, if you are well prepared, the country has magnificent winter landscapes.


Top 10 Coldest Countries to Visit During WinterAntarctica is the coldest region when compared to all the other places. It does not receive sunlight. Travelers have called it a snowy desert. It has made history having once recorded minus 89.2 degrees.


Countries without harsh winters are not deficient with travel opportunities. They just require being extra cautious about health and safety. One also needs to draw up a traveling schedule well in advance in order to know how to overcome such weather challenges.